The complete classification of all organisms in the order Notacanthiformes.

Extant Edit

  • Family Halosauridae
    • Genus Halosaurus
      • Halosaurus ovenii
      • Halosaur, Halosaurus johnsonianus
      • Halosaurus carinicauda
      • Halosaurus guentheri
      • Halosaurus attentuatus
      • Halosaurus radiatus
      • Australian Halosaur, Halosaurus pectoralis
      • Halosaurus ridgwayi
      • Halosaurus sinensis
    • Genus Halosauropsis
      • Abyssal Halosaur, Halosauropsis macrochir
    • Genus Aldrovandia
      • Aldrovandia rostrata
      • Gilbert's Halosaurid Fish, Aldrovandia affinis
      • Aldovandia mediorostris
      • Hawaiian Halosaurid Fish, Aldrovandia phalacra
      • Aldrovandia gracilis
      • Aldrovandia oleosa
  • Family Notacanthidae
    • Genus Notacanthus
      • Snubnosed Spiny Eel, Notacanthus chemnitzii
      • Shortfin Spiny Eel, Notacanthus bonaparte
      • Spiny-Back Eel, Notacanthus sexspinis
      • Notacanthus spinosus
      • Notacanthus indicus
      • Notacanthus abbotti
    • Genus Polyacanthonotus
      • Smallmouth Spiny Eel, Polyacanthonotus rissoanus
      • Longnose Tapirfish, Polyacanthonotus challengeri
      • Polyacanthonotus africanus
      • Polyacanthonotus merretti
    • Genus Lipogenys
      • Lipogenys gillii
    • Genus Leptocephalus
      • Leptocephalus giganteus*

*L. giganteus is more probably the larvae of N. chemitzii.

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