The complete classification of all organisms in the phylum Annelida.

Extant Edit

  • Superclass Aclitellata
    • Class Polychaeta
      • Order Myzostomida
      • Order Amphinomida
      • Order Eunicida
      • Order Phyllodocida
      • Order Sabellida
      • Order Spionida
      • Order Terebellida
      • Order Capitellida
      • Order Cossurida
      • Order Opheliida
      • Order Orbiniida
      • Order Questida
      • Order Scolecidaformia
    • Class Aphanoneura
  • Superclass Clitellata
    • Class Oligochaeta
      • Order Haplotaxida
      • Order Lumbriculida
      • Order Moniligastrida
    • Class Hirudinea
      • Order Rhynchobdellida
      • Order Arhynchobdellida
    • Class Branchiobdellida
      • Order Branchiobdellinae

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