The complete classification of all organisms in the order Albuliformes.

Extant Edit

  • Family Albulidae
    • Subfamily Albulinae
      • Genus Albula
        • Bonefish, Albula vulpes
        • Roundjaw Bonefish, Albula glossodonta
        • Sharpjaw Bonefish, Albula argentea
        • West African Bonefish, Albula goreensis
        • Eastern Pacific Bonefish, Albula esuncula
        • Threadfin Bonefih, Albula nemoptera
        • Longjaw Bonefish, Abula virgata
        • Pacific Shafted Bonefish, Abula pacifica
        • Smallscale Bonefish, Albula oligolepis
        • Cortez Bonefish, Albula gilberti
        • Korean Bonefish, Albula koreana
    • Subfamily Pterothrissinae
      • Genus Pterothrissus
        • Japanese Gissu, Pterothrissus gissu
      • Genus Nemoossis
        • Longfin Bonefish, Nemoossis belloci

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